The V-PSUII is a Power Supply that's an ideal upgrade at a bargain price.

V-PSUII Front Panel
V-PSUII Rear Panel
V-PSUII Extra Image


Every V-Series component offers excellent performance, but the V-PSU II power supply makes them sound better still. It’s an ideal upgrade at a bargain price.

The V-PSU II can boost up to three V-Series components at once – so, for example, it could upgrade your V-CAN II headphone amplifier alongside the V-DAC II digital-to-analogue converter and V-LPS II phono stage.

The V-PSU II is also compatible with first-generation Musical Fidelity V-Series components, including the bestselling V-DAC; the power upgrade will provide a new lease of life.

The secret to the V-PSU II’s performance-boosting prowess lies in an all-new power supply design. It provides a fully regulated, ultra-low-noise, extremely stable power feed, allowing your V-Series components to be heard at their best.

The original V-PSU was an incredibly popular upgrade; the enhanced V-PSU II is on its way to being an even better performance-boosting bestseller.

V-PSUII (DISCONTINUED) - Specifications

Mains In

  • Requires: 90 - 253v (Worldwide Universal)
  • Connector: Figure "8"

DC Outputs

  • Power: 3x 12v 500mA
  • Connector: 1.3mm DC Power Socket


  • Dimensions - WxHxD (mm): 95 x 40 x 165
  • Weight (unpacked / packed): 785g / 1Kg


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